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Tips for Adjusting Color in Photographs

I used to have a lot of trouble making the colors in a picture look natural when adjusting the levels. When you gradually adjust the levels, you don’t always realize how much editing you’ve done, which can result in harsh or fake-looking coloring in some parts of the picture. Here are some tips to make sure that doesn’t happen to you:

1. Look at the natural picture every once in a while.

This, below, is the natural picture.


I could definitely make the blues and greens a little brighter… But I need to make sure it doesn’t appear artificial.


In this picture above, I brightened the color, but I raised the contrast level so much that the lighting no longer looks natural. The background behind the branches that are in focus is much too dark. This can happen with brightening the color too much as well. By looking at the natural picture, you can assure that you don’t go too far with adjusting the levels of lighting, color, saturation, contrast, etc.

2. Zoom into sections of the picture.

If we look at the second example given above and zoom into the upper left side of the picture, we can see that the shadows are too dark. I often tend to focus on the main part and/or the center of the picture to see if the color is improved there. The branches that are in focus look alright, but as we can see in the natural picture, the branches in the back sort of fade out and are still just slightly visible almost throughout the entire picture. In the second picture, it is completely black in much of the background. This makes the picture look unnatural. Zooming in to sections of the picture can help you to avoid this error.

Hope you can learn from my mistakes! 🙂

Dora in Times Square

There’s so much creativity in Times Square. Everywhere you look, there’s something new to take a picture of. Often, I look at photographs I’ve taken and I discover something I didn’t notice when taking the picture… It’s sometimes something hilarious, sometimes something beautiful. It just opens your eyes to realize how much we miss when we rush through our busy lives.

Not saying that Dora here wasn’t intentionally in this picture… Unless you’d like to think she was, haha 🙂 She does look pretty surprised and honored to be the center of attention.


Towering Buildings

Don’t you just love the feeling of looking up at a tall building and almost not being able to see the top? Or feeling like the building goes on forever into the sky?

Beautiful Swan

As you’ve probably noticed the past couple of posts, I’ve been posting single photos instead of 3 or 4 at once. I’m probably going to be doing this more often because it’s easier for the viewer to concentrate on one photo instead of a mini gallery in each post. Also, it’s much easier on me because I can post more often now and keep all of you updated more often instead of a bunch at once 🙂 This way, I can fulfill my goal of posting more often and keeping my blog active.

Anyway, here’s a picture of a gorgeous swan 🙂 I love the rippling effect right at it’s chest… It happened from the swan taking it’s head out of the water! I have to say I had really lucky timing with that shot. Enjoy!



Just look at how cute these little guys are!!! These little love turtles were posed on a rock so perfectly for a picture!


This is definitely my best sunset picture. There are so many different colors in the sunset. There’s orange and yellow around the sun, black below the sun (which make the colors of and around the sun much more vivid), the light grey clouds below the sun, the dark blue of the sky, the dark grey and almost black clouds above the sun, and the pinkish hues within those clouds. I never saw such a beautiful sunset in my life… I was beyond lucky to have my camera with me. What makes this even more amazing is I actually took this THROUGH the car window on automatic. And I hardly edited the picture!

Here are some other pictures of the sun in it’s glory that I’ve taken for you to enjoy: