Phone Photography

For my 18th birthday, I got a new phone! It’s a Windows phone… I decided to go for something a little different and more unique than the iPhone which I feel like everyone has. (Almost anything is an upgrade from my slide keyboard phone with a 1.3 mp camera). It has a camera comparable to, if not better than, the iPhone camera. Phone photography has become extremely popular because it’s so convenient… Not everyone brings their camera everywhere with them, but it’s pretty safe to say everyone has their phone with them almost ALL the time. Nothing on a phone has beat a Canon or Nikon, for example (yet)… but it’s better than nothing!

Anyway, here’s one of the best pictures I’ve taken with my phone camera so far. It does even better than my camera with focusing on some items!



Late Christmas Post

Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year! I didn’t get the chance to make a Christmas post over the busy holiday season, but the Christmas season should last for the rest of today (being Three King’s Day) at least, especially with all the snow we got in New York (which, unfortunately, mostly melted today). Enjoy the late Christmas cheer! I’ll hopefully have more time to post now that the holidays are over 🙂


Dora in Times Square

There’s so much creativity in Times Square. Everywhere you look, there’s something new to take a picture of. Often, I look at photographs I’ve taken and I discover something I didn’t notice when taking the picture… It’s sometimes something hilarious, sometimes something beautiful. It just opens your eyes to realize how much we miss when we rush through our busy lives.

Not saying that Dora here wasn’t intentionally in this picture… Unless you’d like to think she was, haha 🙂 She does look pretty surprised and honored to be the center of attention.


Washington DC

Here are some interesting shots I took while in Washington DC. It was definitely a memorable family vacation. It was the most beautiful, sunny, perfect day for pictures. Enjoy!

Reflection in Central Park Pond

This picture is a really nice display of what New York City is like. A lot of people make fun of the city for having no trees or nature scenery: they think the city is all buildings and offices and cars and pollution. But it’s really so much more than that. Central Park is such a beautiful place to be all year round. In the winter, everything is covered in snow. In the spring, everything is blooming and the fish in the pond are alive and active. In the summer, it’s warm and delightful. And in the fall, the leaves are so colorful. Almost half of this picture is the reflection of the building and the scenery in the pond. It displays how different and diverse New York City really is. The picture really expresses how the city is when winter breaks into spring.