Central Park Panoramic View

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn” -Hal BorlandWP_20140127_15_10_33_Panorama


Winter Sunset

The sun is really beautiful in the winter. It’s not so strong where you’re blinded when you admire a sunset like it is sometimes in the summer. It just gives enough warmth when you sit under it to give you a toasty feeling on a cold windy day. Enjoy the pictures!


Check out that interesting cloud!



In the picture below, I’m not so crazy about all of the branches in the top left of the picture… It kind of makes it look a little sloppy if you look at it closely. The beauty of the rest of the picture though, with the way the setting autumn sun shines on the colorful leaves, is enough to distract the eye from looking at the entangled, empty branches.


In this picture below, I made the saturation higher to give the picture that warm, autumn feel.


Late Autumn in Central Park

Even though the weather is telling me it’s winter, autumn still isn’t over yet in New York! Only a few leaves left on a couple of trees here and there, but late autumn is still the time for colorful photography.


More flowers!

It’s pretty obvious that flowers are one of my main themes for posts right now 🙂 The spring season is short in New York, so I have to get it all in before the summer droughts and the fall and winter frosts set in. Spring and summer seem to go so fast here, but they are so beautiful. I’m so thankful to God for the beautiful changes in seasons here.

A white daffodil… so beautiful and pure 🙂

The orange color in these flowers was so vibrant. They stood out from everything else in the garden!


Just look at how cute these little guys are!!! These little love turtles were posed on a rock so perfectly for a picture!

Tree Blossoms

Today, I’m just posting some pictures of some tree blossoms I found in Central Park. I’ve made quite a few flower and blossom posts from Central Park… It’s just such a great place for photography. There are so many interesting things to take pictures of there all year long.
Tree blossoms are so rare, especially with New York’s recently crazy weather. It got unseasonably warm, so all of the blossoms came out. Then it got really cold and windy again, and many of the blossoms are gone now 😦 You have to make sure to really enjoy these temporary beauties in life.

This one above is my favorite. It’s so pure and beautiful.