I’ve always wanted to get the perfect shot of a butterfly. It’s almost impossible… They’re constantly closing their wings as they drink the nectar from flowers. I tried my best though, and after following this little guy all around the garden, got quite a few good shots 🙂 Enjoy!

Wings were in motion in this picture above.

Wings were closed in the two pictures above.


4 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. Wonderful butterfly photos. I do not have any good ones myself. The butterflies move so often.

  2. Awesome !You did a very nice job ^ – ^ I love butterflies but they do not seem to love me back :)) everytime my camera appears – they disappear !

    • Thank you so much!! They’re sooo hard to capture in a picture. They’re constantly in flight or fluttering their wings! I luckily found one that decided to cooperate with me haha 🙂

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