God must have a blast decorating the sky everyday. He sure is good at it! Think about it: If our God didn’t care, or if He were just some grandpa in the sky, why would He so carefully decorate the sky with such beautiful clouds? Sky pictures are some of my favorites. No two sky pictures are the exact same. There’s something so mysterious and different about clouds to me. It always seems like they know where to go. One small cloud can block out the strong summer sun temporarily. Just one small cloud can block that massive ball of gas that illuminates the world. That in itself is pretty amazing. They “float”, they hold rain, they come in different colors, they move, they grow and expand, they meld together… It’s no coincidence. Enjoy these pictures and take some time everyday to look at the sky. Just don’t stare at the sun too long 🙂

These are not top quality, considering I took them on my phone camera because I did not have my camera with me at the time. On a cool, dry, summer day, which we have not been having lately, I will work on more cloud photography.


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