God’s Miraculous Garden

God does amazing work everyday. We hardly take the time to just stop and enjoy what He has put right in front of us. Even when beautiful things, such as flowers and nature, are put in front of us, do we give Him credit immediately? I can’t say that I do. I often marvel at the beauty of nature and forget to give God the glory for His wonderful creation.

Taking a biology course in school this year opened my eyes even more to His creation. Even though the course supported Darwin and his theories in evolution, I chose instead to see the delicate balance that God created Himself alone that was revealed to me in part through that class. Studying the blood cell alone blew my mind. He didn’t have to make nature or people or anything with such intricate detail or an ecosystem with such a delicate balance that He takes care of and provides for daily. Why did He do that? Because He loves us and cares for each and every one of His creations.

Here are some photographs that can remind us of how the detail and intricacy of flowers or a garden alone can show how God loves and cares for us. There are signs of life and beauty all around us: let’s take time to notice them today.


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