Dessert Time

Don’t these brownies look good? I think so! Guess what? They’re actually pretty healthy! 90 calories, minimal fat and sugar, and 20% recommended daily value of fiber in them too! And they taste amazing, especially after 10 seconds in the microwave and with a little frozen yogurt on the side.

Healthy food can be delicious too! The other day, my family and I got free samples of this spinach gelato recipe… We all looked at each other with sour faces before we tasted it, expecting it to taste really bad, considering it was green. We were all shocked when it tasted so delicious and refreshing! We also got free samples of a spinach mango smoothie: also green; also not-so-tasty looking; also absolutely delicious. And I’m not a fan of spinach whatsoever. I need to try using our blender more!

My friend, Kayana, has a really great fitness and health blog with a bunch of healthy and tasty looking recipes that I have yet to try out πŸ™‚ Here’s her blog link:

Enjoy these pictures! Don’t let them tempt you too much πŸ™‚

These are all macro shots.


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