Dramatic Editing

Ahh, my apologies for not posting in a while. I’ve been SUPER busy finishing up school, so I won’t be posting as much until towards July.

Anyway, today, I’m posing on something I like to call “dramatic editing”. Sometimes it can look cool, other times it can just look plain weird. Here’s an example of cool:

The black background makes the flowers stand out dramatically. The contrast makes the petals look elegant and beautiful. It almost looks like a painting.






Here’s the original:









Now, here’s an example of how dramatically editing a picture can make it look weird, or in this case, pretty awful:











The picture is fuzzy, the colors are much too bright, and you can’t even tell what the background is. It doesn’t work for this picture.

Here’s the original, just so you can see the background:











The lesson: As I’ve said before, try everything with your photograph, but make sure it looks OK. Sometimes when you up the contrast too much gradually, you can’t tell that the picture has become too dramatic. Compare the new picture to the original and make sure that every part of the picture looks reasonably colorful and not too saturated or contrasted, especially the background. There are still exceptions though… so try everything your editing software offers and see how it comes out!


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