Ahh! Writers’ block!

I can’t think of what to make my next post on… any suggestions as to what I should take pictures of or make a post about? I need some new ideas…


3 thoughts on “Ahh! Writers’ block!

  1. I would say blog about how to spend a week not spending any money at all. But hey. That’s my kind of amusement. You might want to blog about how to make your home look more like a french chateau, but then again, maybe you’re into beige and angel knick knacks.Of course you could blog about how to turn your backyard into a food forest. You could design your own clothing line based on fashions from the 1940s and then you could fly to Shanghai and hire a chinese tailor to make the prototype that you can sell to Nordstrom. That might be interesting.

    Of course, cake decorating is interesting, but it would be more interesting if you made a birthday cake out of items that you found in your pantry. Oh, a laundry folding blog might be interesting but it would be more interesting if you blogged about doing the neighbors laundry and how you got them to pay you for doing it.

    You could go live on an Amish Farm for a while. That would be interesting, but most of them might not be so cool with you using the computer and all. That might not go well.

    You could dig up the neighbors lawn and plant a garden, now that would be an interesting blog. Actually, if you got actual footage of their reaction, this just might be priceless. You could blog about asking people to give you ideas about what to blog about.

    Good Luck with the writer’s block.

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