My family and I recently took a trip to Washington DC. I had so many wonderful photography opportunities there! This was probably my favorite picture though…

I love this picture. It just represents the diversity of our country so much. The majestic pillars at the Lincoln memorial make a perfect background to showcase the many different kinds of people visiting. Without all the people, it would be a bland picture.  The busyness and color just adds so much to this.

I’ll be posting more pictures from our trip soon 🙂

Here’s an interesting thought… Do you ever look at a picture, see all the people in it, and wonder who they are, where they live,  and what their life is like? Do you wonder where they are right now? Try looking at each person in the picture… Maybe make up a story for their lives even! Wouldn’t it be amazing to get to know every single person in this picture? You never know who you’re photographing! It’s very difficult to notice these kinds of things when everything is moving around you.  That’s why I love photography so much.


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