More comparison photography

This was a pretty cool self-taught photography lesson for me.

OK so this is a picture I took last fall… It almost made my eyes cross at first glance. It’s really hard to look at and get a good perspective on. You can’t really tell what angle I took the picture at or anything. It looks as if it’s taken at a down angle at first (which it was) but then if you look at it further and study it a bit, it almost looks like it starts out horizontal and then continues down vertical somehow suddenly. It’s even hard to tell what the subject of the picture is exactly. It’s quite confusing.

I recently decided to try and fix it somehow… I can’t even believe this is the same picture after. All I did to it is flip it upside down. The picture makes so much more sense now. You can now see what angle the picture was taken: it was a wall of chipping paint that I took standing up so the wall is vertical. It appears as if I was laying down almost and this is the ground. I had the camera at a different angle which makes it look this way. I think this picture is very interesting and flipping it makes the picture make more sense.

So…. the lesson: Try everything with your picture. Try every editing technique! You never know what could improve your picture. Flipping it upside-down obviously wouldn’t work to make a self portrait look better (unless you were going for a cool angle… that could be interesting.) or improve a shot of a building, but you should know what wouldn’t work for your photo. Almost any effect could work on a picture as a possibility. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Try adjusting things yourself sometimes as well (such as the measure/percentage of contrast, exposure, saturation, etc.) instead of relying on different pre-set effects on say, picnik or any photo-editing software you use.


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