Comparing Photographs

So today I decided to make a post comparing a picture I took about 6 months ago to the same picture that I re-edited recently. I did it to see how I have improved in techniques in photography and how I can improve any picture I take.

Above is the picture that I edited about 6 months ago. It has a vintage look to it, but I want it to look more natural.

In this picture above, I adjusted the exposure and the contrast to get rid of the yellow-ish hue to the picture. I also straightened it a little because it was slightly crooked. I didn’t like the pole from the fence in the background, so I got rid of that using the clone tool. I’m not very good at cloning yet, but I’m still learning 🙂 The picture before is nice if you’re going for a vintage look, but the picture after is definitely more natural looking. Even in the vintage photo, I would straighten it and use the clone tool to eliminate the pole now that I have learned new techniques from when I actually took the picture.


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