Macro Photography

I love it when pictures give you a different perspective on ordinary objects you pass by and look at everyday. Pictures can reveal details that you don’t usually notice. Sometimes pictures can reveal details that you absolutely cannot see with the naked eye.

You can pass by hundreds of people everyday in school or on the street or wherever who are wearing jeans… But you don’t notice how detailed the design is. Even if you were to look closely, you couldn’t notice how intricate the design is with the naked eye.

I found this picture on the internet (It is NOT mine… refer to the link on the picture). I think this is really amazing. This picture is magnified to show the detail of every thread. It almost looks like yarn when it is taken so closely like this. When I think about how thin the threads on my jeans are and I look at this picture, I am reminded of how few intricate details in ordinary objects we notice everyday. Macro photography brings these details to life.


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