I love the springtime: that feeling you get when the sun stays out longer, the flowers starting to bloom, and you realize winter is finally over. It’s probably the best time of year for photography as well. So many colors pop out all around you, it’s impossible to ignore them.

I found this flower in a bunch of ivy and tangled leaves. It was so beautiful and random. I brightened the picture a little by adjusting the exposure just to get rid of how dark the leaves made the picture. I also upped the contrast slightly to bring out the rich coloring in the flower. I wish I had used the macro feature on my camera to capture the grainy texture of the pollen in the center of the flower. I think this picture really captures the season.

This is another picture of mine that I think really captures the feeling of spring. I took this in a garden in Central Park. There is such a variety of flowers in this picture. It shows what a wonderful job God has done creating so many detailed little flowers and in keeping them alive. I love the texture in the leaves as well.


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